Writers Room

Welcome to the Trippy Toadz Writers Room!

Join our executive producers Donick Cary (The Simpsons, Parks and Recreation, Silicon Valley) and Mike Rosenstein (The Eric Andre Show) in the writer’s room and contribute to the community character builder below.

This is the best way for your toad to be considered for the animated series (a reminder that your toad must be delisted to be considered). Everyone who submits lore for their delisted toad will get Airdropped a collectable NFT for participating. Deadline for submissions is 8/20.

Just like a traditional Hollywood writer’s room, all ideas submitted will be thrown on the board to be considered by Good Trip Studios. Then the community will then vote on which Toadz will be cast in the show. Winners will be rewarded!

Show plot

by Donick Cary (Head Writer)

Our community is super creative and we are excited to involve you all in this process and make an animated series together.  First, let us tell you the general plot of the show:

Trippy Toadz are going extinct and we need to save them! Tourists are visiting their town to lick them for the psychedelic effects and their population is getting wiped out. We will follow one big crazy extended Toad family in the fictional town of Bufo for all their ups and downs, triumphs and defeats, Toad-laughs and Toad-tears as they try to raise a family and pass down good old fashioned toad values in the face of extinction. Together we will tell their story to spread awareness… and save the Trippy Toadz.


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