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Trippy Toadz is a community-driven and limited collection of 6,969 algorithmically generated toadz minted on the Ethereum blockchain. The 1st generation of toadz will be created from over 100 different traits including body types, faces, accessories and vibes. Some rarer than others but all ready to !tweak in the metaverse. Each toad comes with ownership and commercial usage rights.

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faq and Updates


Trippy Toadz are 6,969 toadz looking to trip with everyone in the metaverse. This genesis collection will give exclusive access to the Toadverse. The mission is to create a community who seek to peak, while finding a peace of mind. Save the world. Lick a toad. 🍄🐸


Lots of D.M.T.

Development of the story/lore of Trippy Toadz with some of the best creators in the business.

Merchandise that not only looks great but provides functionality to help one along their journey. Don’t be surprised if there are some special collaborations exclusive to holders that happen as well.

Toadverse that encompasses many ideas we have for the Trippy Toad experience that includes (but is not limited to) the metaverse, IRL events, and more.

Lastly, a driving passion to contribute and bring value to the psychedelic community.


Trippy Toadz was created by a group of friends, TrippyMayne and TrippyVibes, in Los Angeles who set out to make some sick toadz, create a community, and try to build something our parents would be proud of. The core toadz team has backgrounds in crypto, music, fashion, and television/film.

Trippy Toadz is officially partnered with Good Trip Studios and the creators of the #1 hit Netflix documentary “Have a Good Trip: Adventures in Psychedelics” to develop the Trippy Toadz universe! They’ve written & produced over 50 of our favorite TV shows & movies including THE SIMPSONS, PARKS & REC, SILICON VALLEY, and THE ERIC ANDRE SHOW!